Change Log

This document lists the significant changes or updates to the documentation in the previous year, along with the change dates. This isn't a comprehensive or detailed log of every single change to every topic. It records the general types of change that were made for each revision of the documentation. For instance, it doesn't describe every single typographical error fixed on every page, but instead might simply note the changes as "typo fixes" or some similar verbiage. Minor documentation changes (such as minor typo fixes), or interim changes made in the course of larger revision projects, may not be included below.

Date Change
19 Apr 24 Updated screenshots for the v6.1.200 UI for Process Timeline Activities.
11 Apr 24 Additional Facebook and X (Twitter) references removed.
27 Mar 24

Updates to Business Rule system variables and configuration for custom parameters.

Social Media Custom Tasks removed from the product and documentation, due to API changes.

22 Mar 24 Updates to the new UI for SAML/Windows SSO, and changes to the items displayed in the Workspace nav bar.
19 Mar 24 v6.1 updates to user administration.
1 Mar 24 Update to WebDAV note for installation.
27 Feb 24 Added additional explanation of how Directory Synchronization works.
22 Feb 24 Updates to database connection strings and v6.1 UI.
12 Feb 24 Changes to reflect changes to Clone Table CT, Data List Control, and [Template Library] folder.
9 Feb 24 Standalone AI chat page added.
7 Feb 24 Update to the Data List control's Usage section.
31 Jan 24 Expanded documentation for configuring the AutoMultilineTextBoxResize var, the AutoMultilineTextBoxResizeClass var, and multi-line Input controls for auto-resizing.
24 Jan 24 Updates to how Top Navigation Buttons appear in Workspaces in v6.1.0.
23 Jan 24 New navigation menu items added to Implementation and System Administration guides to consolidate OAuth configuration topics. New PDF guide for OAuth.
22 Jan 24 Even more updates to SMTP OAuth for Azure.
19 Jan 24 Updates to SMTP OAuth for Azure.
17 Jan 24 New Clone Table from DB Custom Task. Applying special text properties via DIV tags in the Online Form Designer.
03 Jan 24 Update to Global Knowledge Views for v6.1.0. New navigation icon for folders.
02 Jan 24 Added debug mode menu to the User Profile Menu and Debug Mode topics.
8 Dec 23 v6.1 updates to various features.
7 Dec 23 Updates to Goals and Knowledge Views.
01 Dec 23 Updates to the Date Picker control, and to DateTime System Variables. New Provision Users CT for v6.1.0.
21 Nov 23 A new Global Variable property, Log Date Format, has been added to the System Administrator's guide.
17 Nov 23 Updates to Array data, conditions, and validation.
14 Nov 23 New features added to the Data List control.
13 Nov 23 v6.0.1 Updates to the Home page and importing content.
9 Nov 23 Updates to Run Process CT and Cancel Form control.
7 Nov 23 Added procedure for marking Content List objects as Favorites in v6.0.300.
6 Nov 23 Warnings for: Images in email templates and usage of the User Picker and Group Picker added. UI updates for the Template Library, related to v6.0.300.
3 Nov 23 New 6.0.300 topics for creating objects, creating template apps, and importing content via Home page wizards.
1 Nov 23 Updates to reorganize the doc for v6.0.300 release. New UI Intro, Legacy UI, and new Navigator UI topics. Common UI Elements topic split off from the previous topic into its own topic.
31 Oct 23 Various updates to reflect new UI conventions/visual appearance for v6.0.300.
23 Oct 23 Various updates from Release Notes for upcoming releases.
17 Oct 23

An issue with Madcap Flare, the software used to generate the documentation web site, caused site file names to be improperly generated, resulting in many broken links. This issue has been corrected and the correct file names have been re-generated.

Updated content for: Windows File System and SFTP (SSH Transfer) Datasource types; Export Files to Filesystem andImport Files from Filesystem Custom Tasks.

12 Oct 23 Added documentation to build the correct password reset URL for users when constructing a custom password reset email using the DefaultPasswordEmail custom variable.
3 Oct 23 User feedback changes for SysVar Parameters.
29 Sep 23 v6.0.300 updates to Gantt Chart. Updates to Provision Users CT.
27 Sep 23

Added the nAuthType enum to Database Guide and Installation Guide's SAML topic.

Added the Field Properties copy/paste feature for v6.0.300.

18 Sep 23 Outdated content removed.
15 Sep 23 Updates to the Data List control.
11 Sep 23 Updates to Installation Guide's Upgrade page.
6 Sep 23 Home page revisions.
29 Aug 23 Updates to Table Definitions topic.
24 Aug 23 Added 15 For Friday scheduling link to the Home page. Updates to SharePoint, SMTP, and Azure configurations for Microsoft Modern Authentication.
23 Aug 23 Added the iPopupSimple command to the JavaScript API topic.
22 Aug 23 Update to AllowedExplortLocations Custom Variable.
21 Aug 23 Update to Form Data Caching topic. Minor addition to Best Practices topic.
18 Aug 23 Updates to Best Practices, Business Rules, Creating Business Values, and Changing Processes topics.
17 Aug 23 Update to Collaborative Document Markup.
15 Aug 23 Site-wide typography change.
14 Aug 23 Update to Form Locking topic.
11 Aug 23 v6.0.1 update to the Database Guide for field and table changes. Added nParentType enums. Reorganized all enums into their own section.
9 Aug 23 New topic on Doc Feedback. Updated the Custom Variable code samples in Developer's guide to match the SDK Class code samples.
8 Aug 23 Added a discussion on how to use the AI chatbot more effectively.
7 Aug 23 Infrastructure change. Change Twitter logo to X logo, and add YT logo to page footers. Updates for Data List control.
4 Aug 23 Minor changes from release notes. New discussion of Browser extension conflicts with the Online Form Designer. New Windows FIPS Mode discussion. New discussion about authentication and account types.
28 Jul 23 Updated links to the updated version of Microsoft's ARR 3.0 package.
25 Jul 23 Home page revisions.
24 Jul 23 Changes to feedback text to solicit questions.
21 Jul 23 Minor updates.
19 Jul 23 Clarification on timer processes/activity checking.
18 Jul 23 Updated CT screenshots and minor rewrites. Updates to User Import/Export.
17 Jul 23 Minor changes from CustomGPT queries; AES Encryption updates.
14 Jul 23 More new content to reflect CustomGPT queries received by users. New section on date comparisons in conditions.
13 Jul 23 Added initial Permission Exceptions topic.
12 Jul 23 Rewrites to Custom Tasks.
10 Jul 23 Changes to new features to be released in 6.0.100.
6 Jul 23 CustomGPT query content.
5 Jul 23 New topic on the bpUtil utility application.
3 Jul 23 More new content to reflect CustomGPT queries received by users.
30 Jun 23 New topic for suggested accessibility colors.
29 Jun 23 New topic on installing/using a SalesForce oData license for Datasources.
28 Jun 23 Add new content to reflect CustomGPT queries received by users.
27 Jun 23 Rewrite Offline Email Completion topic. New topic for creating a generic template for new applications.
23 Jun 23 Data List control updates. Updates to UI Customization, and add customizing the Environmental Message.
22  Jun 23 Gantt Chart updates
20 Jun 23 Minor updates for 6.0.100 changes.
16 Jun 23 Initial Documentation for the Gantt Chart Type and Data List control available in v6.0.100.
14 Jun 23 Revisions to KView topics.
13 Jun 23 Updated the AI ChatBot. Added additional information for remapping and deleting Form fields.
12 Jun 23 Added Documentation for Azure SAML Single Sign-Out and unique Subtask Due Dates.
5 Jun 23 Added a CustomGPT chat box to answer questions, which is accessed from the icon at the bottom right corner of each page. An informational topic about CustomGPT has also been added.
2 Jun 23 Updates to Test Server Methodology. Rewrite and reorganize Forms chapter
31 May 23 Updates to Group Admin.
30 May 23 Note on fixes to KView In-Place Editing for v6.0.1.
26 May 23 Many minor updates. Updated screen shots for various topics. Revisions/Additions to Business Rules and Process Timelines.
23 May 23

Reorganize Custom Variables section of the Developers Guide. New Custom Variables topics for List Max sizes, Logs, User Interface, Users. Many vars have been moved between topics, so bookmark locations will be changed. Text bookmarks in other topics have been updated to reflect the new locations of Custom Variables.

New search filter for User-related topics added.

18 May 23 Minor changes from product Release Notes.
17 May 23 Updates to Email Type System Variable.
16 May 23 Added a new UI Customization topic to the Developer's Guide, with much more detail and examples.
12 May 23 Update sCkEditorCustomConfig topic for more comprehensive coverage of customization.
10 May 23 Minor updates from Release Notes for v6.00.100.
5 May 23 New Calendar KView Properties. Fix some formatting.
28 Apr 23 Additions for UI changes coming in Process Director v6.0.
25 Apr 23 Remove extraneous Workflow references from the Developers Guide. Reformat code samples in Developers Guide to add specific formatting for code variables, for additional readability.
21 Apr 23 Updates to Best Practices topic. Remove extraneous references to the legacy Workflow object.
19 Apr 23 New section on using variables with the Report object.
14 Apr 23 Break apart Business Values topic into BVs, Creating, and Ops topics. Reorganize information in Process Timelines Activities topic. Mark Workflows as legacy objects.
12 Apr 23 Added PD v6.0 features to Form field sysvars and setting due dates via sysvars.
11 Apr 23 New section on query filtering in SharePoint Custom Tasks.
10 Apr 23 More search filter refinements, new Form Controls filter. Webinars added to the home page. Updatedscreen shots for the Documentation Guide.
7 Apr 23

Added new Web Services filter to the search box.

Updated the topic on Searching the documentation to list the search filters and what they return.

Added new REST Web Services section to the Developer's Guide.

4 Apr 23 Move Form SQL Views from Database Guide to Implementer's Guide. Add new Index keywords to Implementer's Guide to enable more generic search terms. Add more specific search filters to return more targeted search results.
3 Apr 23 Typo fixes.
31 Mar 23

Expand and reorganize documentation for Datasource Objects.

Reorganize Accessibility Guidelines.

30 Mar 23 Additional property requirements added for KView In-Place Editing.
29 Mar 23 General language simplification.
28 Mar 23 New PD6 UI Examples. Explanations for page icons in documentation.
24 Mar 23 New Process Director v6.0 property for Knowledge Views