Change Log

This document lists the significant recent changes or updates to the documentation, along with the change dates. This is not a comprehensive or detailed log of every single change to every topic. It records the general types of change that were made for each revision of the documentation. For instance, it doesn't describe every single typographical error fixed on every page, but instead might simply note the changes as "typo fixes" or some similar verbiage. Minor documentation changes (such as minor typo fixes), or interim changes made in the course of larger revision projects, may not be included below.

Date Change
3 Feb 23 New walk-through for creating a callable subprocess. Modify software simulation appearance pages in search results.
31 Jan 23 New sim for using Business Values
30 Jan 23 New sim for creating a Business Value.
27 Jan 23 New simulation for importing and using Excel data.
25 Jan 23 New Form Actions activity sim.
24 Jan 23 Add new Branch activity sim.
23 Jan 23 Add explicit search results and glossary terms for Simulation Samples, Examples, etc., to make How Do I content easier to find. Add a new sim for configuring a Parent Activity.
20 Jan 23 New Simulations. Integrate new simulations into existing topics. Hide online-only items from static PDFs.
19 Jan 23 Integrate new simulations into existing topics.
18 Jan 23 New simulation for assigning metadata to Content List folders/objects.
17 Jan 23 New simulation for creating a Knowledge View to search for Content List objects.
13 Jan 23 New simulation for creating an Email Template.
12 Jan 23 New simulation for calling an asynchronous subprocess.
10 Jan 23 New simulation for calling a synchronous subprocess.
9 Jan 23 New simulation for creating a Processes In Error Knowledge View.
4 Jan 23 Updates to existing software sims.
3 Jan 23 Added Azure SMS CT. Deprecated the DisabledTabsDisabled Custom Variable. New Simulation.
21 Dec 22 New simulation to create a stub for a new application.
20 Dec 22 Videos added to "How Do I...?" section.
19 Dec 22 New metadata simulations added.
14 Dec 22 Added new "How Do I...?" page to link to instructional simulations for performing Process Director tasks.
13 Dec 22 Update Permanent Properties Pane to add detail, images, and set new release version of v5.45.
8 Dec 22 Regularize capitalization of certain Process Director Objects.
7 Dec 22 Proofreading and typo corrections. Updates to Permanent Properties Pane projected for release in v5.44.1103. Added Microsoft Modern Authentication for email settings in IT Admin.
1 Dec 22 New Chart property for v5.44.1100.
30 Nov 22 Updates to SharePoint OAuth Data Sources for 5.44.1103.
18 Nov 22 Added note to Task List KViews that return incomplete Forms.
15 Nov 22 A new Layout control for the OFD, the Container control, was added.
14 Nov 22 Updates to the Transform Form to Word Custom Task
7 Nov 22 Microsoft Modern Authentication for v5.44.1100.
13 Oct 22 UI text changes.
28 Sep 22 Document changes for v5.44.1000.
13 Sep 22 Update BPEmailImport to the UI for v2.22, to include the new OAuth configuration tab.
7 Sep 22 Style updates
6 Sep 22 Updated screenshots/diagrams.
24 Aug 22 Simplify language, make it less formal.
22 Aug 22 Add persistent Properties pane to Online Form Designer topics.
19 Aug 22 Revisions to Process Timeline Topics. KView topic reorganization.
18 Aug 22 More revisions to Form topic. Added security warning for the User Picker on anonymous forms.
17 Aug 22 Update Form SQL View topic. Reorganize Form Definition topics.
11 Aug 22 Topic reorganization. Fix broken bookmarks.
8 Aug 22 Added doc for future release of SharePoint OAuth Datasource.
1 Aug 22 Move some Miscellaneous Custom Vars to Administration or System, as appropriate.
29 Jul 22 More reorganization of TOC and contents for System Administrator and Developer guides.
28 Jul 22 Deprecate all pages for Word Form Builder controls. Redirect existing links to the appropriate OFD controls.
27 Jul 22 Remove most references to the Word Form Builder.
26 Jul 22 Reorganize Form topic of the Implementer's Guide, to prep for new feature release.
25 Jul 22 Add Slider and Rating controls to the Developer's Guide.
22 Jul 22 Reorganize and rewrite the Process Timeline section of the Implementer's Guide.
19 Jul 22 Reorganize the Installation and Developer Guides. Some existing links have been changed.
18 Jul 22 Reorganize the System Administrator and Implementer Guides. Some existing links have been changed.
6 Jul 22 UI Image and content updates in System Admin Guide.
5 Jul 22 UI Image and content updates in Implementer's Reference.
29 Jun 22 UI images updated in Implementer's Reference.
17 Jun 22 Added new SAML Custom Variables, minor style and typographical changes.
12 Jun 22 Added discussion of synchronous and asynchronous subprocesses.
25 May 22 Updates to Permissions and Permissions Methodology.
17 May 22 Apply Named Object formatting to references to the named Global KViews: Content List, Task List, Items I can Run, and Forms I Can Submit
16 May 22 Update to Administration Custom Variables.
11 May 22 Update to user System Variables.
10 May 22 Added v5.44.800 features RE: changes to User Search, Business Values, Word to OFD Form conversions, and Log Alerts.
10 May 22 Updates to Transform Form to Word CT.
9 May 22 New SAML Custom Vars added.
6 May 22 Added rotating banner images to home page.
5 May 22 Styling/color changes for top menus.
4 May 22 Fixed issue with breadcrumbs not syncing with TOC.
4 May 22 Updated styling for menus, search bar, and favicons for all platforms.
3 May 22 Updates to table definition in the Database Guide to add new tables to 5.44.700 for features in development.
2 May 22 Update "Workflow" verbiage in Implementer's Guide to avoid confusion between "processes" and the Workflow object.
29 Apr 22 Installation Guide updates & updates from user feedback.
21 Apr 22 New Custom Tasks added to Form Custom Tasks.
18 Apr 22 Dropdown Object topic re-written.
15 Apr 22 Additional AES encryption recommendations. Fix inconsistent styling colors for some terms.
13 Apr 22 Crosslink AES encryption settings between the Installation and SysAdmin guides.
12 Apr 22 Add in <machineKey> upgrade information for Load Balanced installations using v5.44.700 and higher.
7 Apr 22 Updates to Fill Fields from REST CT.
6 Apr 22 Added a new Change Log page, and linked it from the Home page.
6 Apr 22 Update Load Balancing settings in Sys Admin guide.
5 Apr 22 Update code formatting for Implementer's reference.
4 Apr 22 Code formatting changes.
1 Apr 22 Add new LDAP topic and reorganize TOC for Admin guide.
28 Mar 22 Update the font and styling for all code samples in the doc.
25 Mar 22 Add index terms for Multi-Instance installations, update upgrade instructions in Installation guide.
21 Mar 22 New entity relationship diagrams for DB guide.
2 Mar 22 Update Quick Start links page.
2 Mar 22 Update styles and icons for "important" and "note" items.
1 Mar 22 Update table and View defs in DB guide.