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Are you having an implementation issue, or just have a question about how to accomplish something in Process Director? If so, the 15 for Friday program may provide assistance to you. The 15 for Friday program enables you to schedule a session with a BP Logix implementer to get help with implementation issues you may be having.

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BP Logix offers many different training courses for Process Director, and our full training course catalog is available online. to access the training, please contact your sales representative for a login code to our Online Training Portal.

Live Product Webinars

BP Logix offers two recurring webinars. Registering for the webinars will enable you to attend, and ensure that you receive notification reminders prior to each webinar.

Training Webinar

Held every Thursday from 10AM Pacific (1PM Eastern) until 12PM Pacific (3PM Eastern). Each week, a specific Process Director topic will be taught live during the webinar. You can see a schedule of Training Webinar topics at the BP Logix Support site.

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Feature Spotlight Webinar

Held on the second Tuesday of every month, and runs from 10AM Pacific (1PM Eastern) until 10:30AM Pacific (1:30PM Eastern). Each month, the webinar will provide updates on new or upcoming features in Process Director.

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