Documentation Overview

Click this link for a PDF version of this document: Process Director Documentation (PDF).

Process Director's online documentation covers every technical aspect of the product. The documentation you can access here is primarily reference documentation, and doesn't contain training documentation for the product. BP Logix has developed several training courses, from simple to advanced operations, and they are available at our Online Training Portal. Access to this portal can be obtained through your BP Logix sales representative, who will provide you with a login code that enables you to create your own learner's account via a self sign-up page. Once you have a code, you can create your own account and begin taking the Process Director Training immediately.

Process Director's documentation is updated on a continuous basis, so the online version of the documentation will always be up-to-date with the product. In addition, release notes for each version of the product can be viewed on the BP Logix Support site.

Note You may notice that some features described in the documentation reference near-future versions of Process Director that have not yet been released, as part of our ongoing attempts to ensure the documentation is fully current on the release date of new features.

All of the documentation is also available as downloadable PDF files, which can be accessed on the home page for each section of the documentation, but, of course, the PDF documentation will only be current as of the date the PDF file was downloaded.

The documentation is organized into different sections that are targeted at different classes of user.

There are additional topics that may help you use the documentation:


The documentation is organized in several different sections.


The Implementation area is primarily for persons who will use Process Director to build low-code/no-code applications with the product. At BP Logix, we call such persons "implementers". Implementers will find four different documentation sections in this area.

Implementation: This document covers all of the Process Director objects, such as Forms, Process Timelines, the User Interface, etc., and lists all of the settings that can be configured for every object. In addition, the documentation covers application administration tasks like setting permissions on objects, best practices, and other useful information for implementers.

System Variables: Access to much of the data stored in Process Director can be accessed and displayed to users with System Variables. The System Variables guide lists every system variable available in Process Director, the modifiers that they use, and the syntax for using them.

Custom Tasks: A variety of common operations that may be used in many different applications are included with Process Director as Custom Tasks. For instance, you may need to convert documents to PDF, or copy data between forms. The Custom Tasks guide documents all the Custom Tasks and lists every setting that can be configured for them.

Advanced Reporting Component: In addition to the simple reporting that can be created through the use of Knowledge Views, Process Director comes with a full-featured report builder for creating complex reports and infographics. This section of the documentation describes, in detail, the capabilities and settings of the Advanced Reporting Component.


This area is designed for persons who will perform system administration on Process Director installations, and describes all of the administrative settings and actions available for administrative use. This area contains three sections.

System Administration: This section details all of the administrative sections of the product, all of which are accessible through the administrative UI built into the product. Cloud customers should note, however, that some settings for their installation may be missing, and are managed by BP Logix, though on-premise customers have access to the full range of administrative settings.

Installation: This section contains a step-by-step guide for installing the product for those customers who will be using on-premise installations of Process Director. For Cloud customers, BP Logix performs the installation tasks, so this section won't be relevant to Cloud customers.

Scheduler Module: This documentation covers the use of Process Director's Scheduler module. This section is also primarily useful only for administrators of on-premise installations.


This area is useful for administrators and software developers. It contains two sections.

Database Reference: This document provides the schema and relationships contained in the Process Director internal database.

Development/SDK: This documentation focuses on two main topics. For administrators, the Custom Variables topics describe all of the system-wide settings that can be implemented in Process Director by editing the Custom Variables file that is included with the product. On-Premise and appropriately-licensed Cloud installation administrators can make changes to the custom variables file, while BP Logix can make any required changes for other Cloud customers upon request. For Developers, the SDK topics describe all of the Properties, Methods, and Events that are available for custom scripting and other SDK operations. While Process Director is primarily a no-code/low-code platform, the SDK enables software developers to extend the functionality of the product. Web Services that are available from within the product are included in the SDK topics, as well.