Documentation Feedback

At the bottom of each page in the documentation, there's a button to provide Documentation Feedback. This Feedback button will open a Process Director Form that enables you to contact BP Logix directly with any questions or comments you might have. All questions or comments sent via Documentation Feedback are sent directly to BP Logix personnel and are manually reviewed for action, whether that's making a change to the documentation to correct an error, or answering a question.

The Documentation Feedback system serves two purposes.

First, Feedback enables you to point out mistakes like typographical errors, or to comment on documentation topics that seem unclear. In any set of documents for a product like Process Director, which consists of thousands of pages of printed documentation, some errors are always unavoidable. Feedback enables you to point out these errors and have them corrected quickly.

Second, if you can't find the information you're seeking by 1) navigating through the documentation, 2) performing a search, or 3) using the AI Chatbot, you can use the Feedback Form to ask a question about a documentation topic (or where to find it) as a final fallback. Once submitted, your question will be reviewed and answered via the email address you provide on the documentation feedback form. While you can ask any question you'd like, keep in mind that questions unrelated to documentation topics may receive a reply asking you to contact your BP Logix Account Representative or Services team for assistance, depending on the nature of the question.

When you submit a comment or question with the Feedback Form, responses are usually provided within a business day, but may take longer, depending on the availability of personnel to answer your question, or the level of effort required to make a requested documentation change. In most cases, feedback responses are provided fairly quickly, but the speed of response is directly related to the level of effort your submission requires to address.