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General Topics
Adding objects to the content list.
Importing and Exporting Applications

Permissions Methodology

Security For Process Director
Best Practices For Implementation
Editing a form

Adding Form Controls

Configuring a form definition

Process Timelines
Editing a Process Timeline’s properties
Timeline Activities

Timeline Activity types:

System Variables
Adding system variables
Special system variable configurations

User sysvars

Form Sysvars
Timeline sysvars
Timeline Activity sysvars
Email Templates
Creating an email template
Task completion via email
Multiple-message email templates
Business Rules
Creating a Business Rule
Business Values
Creating a SQL Datasource
Creating a SQL Business Value
Knowledge Views
Configuring a Knowledge View
Associate with a specific object
Objects to return
Setting columns
Filtering the data
Exporting Knowledge Views
Run on a scheduled basis
Creating a report
Developer's References
Custom Variables