Wait Activity

Wait tasks cause the Process Timeline to pause for a specified amount of time, or until a specific condition applies. In addition to the common properties tabs that appear for all Timeline activities, the configuration settings below are unique to this Activity Type.

Activity Tab

Completed When Tab

The Completed When tab enables you to specify condition-based criteria for determining the length of the Wait Activity. The following options are available:

Conditional Setting


When conditions met

End the Activity when a specified condition set has been met.

When Sub-Processes Complete

End the Activity when all running sub-processes complete.

When Any Result Condition is Met

A wait Activity can have Results, and each Result can have specific conditions to determine which Result condition will end the task, and should be set as the result of the Activity.

Wait for event string to be posted If this option is configured, the Activity will wait until that event is posted, usually from an external source or process.

Due Date Tab

Documentation Example #

The example below uses software simulation to walk through the process of creating a Wait Activity to pause a Process Timeline for a specified period of time.

Other Activity Types

To view the documentation for other Activity Types, you can navigate to them using the Table of Contents displayed in the upper right corner of the page, or by using one of the links below.

User: This Activity Type assigns a task to a user or users, which must be completed to end the task.

Notify: This Activity Type sends email notifications to users who aren't participants in the process.

Process: This Activity Type invokes a different process that will run as a separate, synchronous subprocess.

Script: This Activity Type enables you to invoke a custom script.

Custom Task: This Activity Type invokes a Custom Task to run when the Activity starts.

Form Actions: This Activity Type enables you to manipulate the Form used for the process.

Branch: This Activity Type enables you to change the operation of the Process Timeline to invoke a specified Activity.

Parent: This Activity Type serves as a container for other activities and to create a looping segment in a Process Timeline.

End Process: This Activity Type enables you to conditionally end a process.

Case: This Activity Type enables you to manipulate the Case instance that is associated with the Process Timeline.