Process Timeline Definitions

Process Timeline Definitions can be created and modified by implementers. Use the Content List tab in the Process Director navigation bar to view the Content List screen. You must have Modify permission in the folder you are viewing to be able to create a new Process Timeline Definition in that folder.

Process Timeline Definitions can be stored anywhere in the Content List, under any folder structure, though BP logix recommends you use the organizational method suggested in the Content List Folders section of the Importing/Exporting Content topic.

Process Timeline Options #

To configure the Process Timeline Definition settings, click on the Options section when viewing the Properties tab of the Process Timeline Definition. This will open the section to enable you to set the general Process Timeline options.

Set Form Data #

For Users of Process Director v3.75 and higher, Form data field values may be set directly from the Timeline definition. The field value can be set when a Timeline Activity task starts or ends. This is a very useful option when you want to set form data without having to open the Form. This function is especially useful for setting a form or process status, or setting action dates, without having to open the Form. In most cases, the Set Form Data tab on the Timeline Activity will replace the requirement to use a Custom Task to set form data in the Timeline.

You can configure the Set Form Data function in either the Set Form Data section of the Timeline Definition, or on the Set Form Data tab of an individual Timeline Activity. Irrespective of which method you use, the Set Form Data settings you configure will be displayed automatically in both places. Configurations can be edited in either location as well.

To set a Form field value, first ensure that you have specified a form to associate with the Process Timeline, via the Form for Timeline property in the Options section of the Timeline Definition. Next, in the Set Form Data section of the Timeline definition or in the Set Form Data tab of an individual Timeline Activity, select the Activity and Activity event for which you'd like to set the value. The two Activity events that appear as usable events are Task Start and Task End. An additional option for the event, No Event, can be used as a placeholder. The Set Form Data action will NOT occur if the event is set to No Event.

Note For Process Director v4.03 and higher, these selections are available as separate dropdown controls. Prior versions present them as a single dropdown control.

For each Timeline Activity, you have the choice to select the Activity, or to specify that the value must be set when the Activity begins or ends. Once you select the task or specific event that should set the Form's data, the selected item will appear in the Set Form Data section.

As the example above shows, you now have a variety of settings you can apply to set the Form field's value.

  • Click to Create Condition...: Invokes the Condition Builder to create a condition set under which to set the value.
  • Move to Event: Select a different event, in order to move the Set Form Data action to a different Activity/event.
  • Add Form Field: Select a different event, which will change the event under which the Set Form Data will run.
  • Add Condition: Add another condition to this event, to set a field's value.

You can change the order of conditions, or fields by clicking the up or down arrow icons, or you can delete an item by clicking the red "X" icon.

In the example below, the generic Initial Approval Activity was selected, selecting the Task Start as the event. When the Activity runs, the Shipping field is set to a cost of $6.95.