Backing up the system

Process Director is a database-driven application, which means that the vast majority of the data you need to backup is stored in a SQL Server or Oracle database. Backing up that data should already be included as part of your normal database maintenance, when you back up the database server on a recurring basis. In addition to the database data, however, Process Director is also customizable through the use of the vars file and various resource files. Backing up the database doesn't include those customizations.

In order to perform a full backup of a Process Director installation you must back up the following items:

  1. The Process Director database from SQL Server/Oracle.
  2. All contents of the Program Files\BP Logix\Process Director\website\custom folder. This folder contains the customization file, vars.cs.ascx, along with other user-created custom files, such as any custom icons you've created.
  3. The Program Files\BP Logix\Process Director\website\app_Data\bpProperties.xml file.
  4. Any localization or string files you have created. These localization string files will have a file extension of "resx", and will be located in the Program Files\BP Logix\Process Director\website\app_Data\ folder.
  5. By default, Process Director stores document attachments in the database; however, you can elect to have Process Director store document attachments in the file system, rather than in the database. If you elect to store documents in the file system, you'll need to back up the folders that you use to store document attachments.